Schedule requests and cancellations are subject to availability. Your service is not booked until you recieve confirmation from I Love Your Pet, LLC.

The following policies apply to ALL clients

Please read all policies CAREFULLY, if at any time a policy is changed or added, you will be notified.

  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are accepted, but refunds are not given for any services already performed prior to the cancellation notice or for payments already processed. 
  • No refunds are given under any circumstances. Ever.
  • Trip cancellations made at least 7 days prior to your scheduled booking are not charged a cancellation fee. Cancellations between 2-6 days prior to your scheduled booking may be subject to a $10 cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to your first scheduled visit may be subject to a $20 cancellation fee.
  • Routine visit cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will still be charged. If you forget to cancel visit(s) and I arrive for pet care, you are still responsible for the visit fee.
  • Holiday Cancellations: Holiday Cancellation Fees are more strictly enforced due to the high demand for pet care and the amount of clients that must be turned away once the schedule is full. Therefore, cancellations to holiday bookings made at least 10 days before the scheduled booking are not charged a cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 10 days before the scheduled booking will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Delay of Payment: All payments for vacation pet care are due at the time of service. If you forget, you may send payment through Venmo, a PayPal affiliate. If that charge fails to go throughwithin 5 days,all invoices outstanding will be charged 1.5% invoice fee. If an invoice is unpaid for 20 days, collection procedures will be pursued. You will be responsible for paying any collection fees in addition to the invoice, invoice fee, and any other costs associated with collections actions.
  • Emergencies: In the event of an emergency situation, I Love Your Pet, LLC will make every attempt to contact you, then your emergency contact (if applicable). If it is after regular vet clinic hours, your pet(s) will be taken to LSU’s Small Animal Clinic, Sherwood South Animal Hospital, or another emergency clinic as needed. Payment for emergency treatment is the responsibility of the client.
  • Scheduling: Schedule requests are to be sent via email at least 48 hours prior to the request. Once the request has been submitted, you are not booked until you recieve an acceptance notice. If you do not hear from me, please send a second email or text message for confirmation that the first was received.
  • Schedule Phone Calls: Schedule requests by phone call are not accepted. All communication MUST be through email or text message for documentation purposes. I Love Your Pet is constantly on the road or with clients and cannot take away from their scheduled time.
  • Outdoor Pets: I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for the health and safety of pets who are allowed to stay outdoors between visits, while in the care of I Love Your Pet, LLC. Additionally, I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for cats who are allowed to be in/out during pet care who may not come back inside for I Love Your Pet, LLC. It is strongly suggested that all cats remain inside during pet care for this reason.
  • Aggressive Pets:  I Love Your Pet, LLC holds the right to refuse care for any animals showing aggression. If I believe that your animal is becoming aggressive towards me or other animals, or is capable of harming himself, I will contact you for details on how to control this behavior or arrange for other care.
  • If your pet becomes aggressive towards I Love Your Pet, LLC other pets, whether inside OR outside of your home (on walks, etc), you, the client, are responsible for payment of medical care and damages. Please disclose any and all potential aggressive behaviors before care begins. Non-disclosure of aggressive tendencies results in immediate client termination, should your pet cause bodily harm to I Love Your Pet, LLC or others while pet care services are contracted.
  • Responsibility: I Love Your Pet, LLCis not responsible for damage to the home beyond sitter control. This includes, but is not limited to: leaks, electrical problems, or acts of nature. I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for dead or wilted plants. I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for any losses in your home, especially if other parties have access to the home or in the event of a burglary while contracted. It is strongly suggested that no one else enter your home while pet care services are contracted for the safety of your home and pets.
  •  I Love Your Pet, LLC has the right to refuse services and terminate clients if at any point I Love Your Pet, LLC feels the client relationship is not suitable. You will be notified immediately if this happens. 
  • Shared Pet Care: I Love Your Pet, LLC will not accept pet sitting reservations where others are also checking on your pets. Due to the difference in pet care regimens, I Love Your Pet, LLC will not allow anyone else to care for your pets while you are away. Friends/Family/Others often do not care for pets as a professional pet sitter does. Please do not allow friends and family in your home while pet sitting is contracted. For liability reasons, if others are involved in pet care and you do not disclose this information, I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for any medical situations your pets may experience, for the safety of your home, and for any damages to the home or property. You will be notified if there is a breach of contract, and if it continues to happen, Pet Care Services will be terminated and other arrangements will be made for the care of your pets.
  • Negligence: I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for death, injury, or illness to your pets or others unless caused by a negligent act of the pet sitter.
  • Regularity of Bookings: I Love Your Pet, LLC will not accept Every-Other-Day reservations for vacation pet care. All vacation services must be at least one visit per day consecutively in order to quickly asses any medical issues that may arise with your pets, as well as any home emergencies that may occur. The minimum booking is once per day- allowed for cat households and dog households (barring they have access to the outside). The minimum allowable visits per day for dog households without access to the outside is twice per day. You, the client, may opt for additional visits (up to 3) as you would like to best suit your pets’ needs.
  • Key Handling: It is STRONGLY suggested that you place a key with I Love Your Pet, LLC.  You have the option to allow I Love Your Pet, LLC to keep the key on file for future pet care use, or you can have it returned to you following the last visit of each pet care set. Under no circumstances will I Love Your Pet, LLC agree to lock your key inside your home on the last pet care visit. Electronic locks, Bluetooth locks, and "re programmable" locks are STRONGLY discouraged.
  • Keys on file are kept safe and secure until the next scheduled service. Your home will never be entered by I Love Your Pet, LLC  unless pet care services are contracted. I Love Your Pet, LLC has a right to make a copy of your key for backup purposes at her discretion.
  •  Keys requested to be returned following a visit set can be returned in person to you, the client, at a mutually agreed upon time and place. Key returns may be subject to a $10 travel fee. Otherwise, the key can be hidden on your property, following the end of the last scheduled visit. The hiding place is mutually agreed upon. I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for the safety of hidden keys after they are placed in the location and I Love Your Pet, LLC has left the premises. The final return option is for your key to be mailed to you following the completion of your pet care set. You, the client, are responsible for the mailing/shipping fees associated with a return of this manor. I Love Your Pet, LLC is not responsible for the well being and arrival of your keys once the key has transferred possession from I Love Your Pet, LLC to the postal/shipping service. For clients without a key on file, keys will not be returned until your invoice balance is paid in full.
  • I Love Your Pet, LLC attempts to visit all pets within a suggested time frame, but exact times cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Use of a camera/surveillance/alarm monitoring system to check on your pets within reason is ok. But do note that if I feel as though you're abusing the use of a system with alerts by complaining, constantly checking in/making comments about times that are within safe limits, your client status will be terminated immediately. Please do not hover. It only makes things worse. 
  • Indoor cameras for OVERNIGHTS are STRICTLY prohibited. If an indoor camera is found, it will be turned off & unplugged without notice. If it cannot be unplugged, it will be covered. If indoors cameras are permanently installed inside, I Love Your Pet, LLC has the right to refuse services. Please advise I Love Your Pet, LLC if at any point in time you have indoor or outdoor cameras installed.
  • Medications: I Love Your Pet, LLC will administer medications and injections to your pets as instructed and to the best of her ability, however, I Love Your Pet, LLC ssumes no liability for pets who refuse medication. Several attempts will be made to administer the medication, but any life threatening conditions which require medication may need specific instructions as to other methods to try which may be successful in administering the necessary medication. I Love Your Pet, LLC is not a veterinarian, therefore any condition in which the pet may suffer from a missed dose of medication may need to be transferred to a vet clinic for administration and closer monitoring, as needed, if refusal of the medication becomes a problem. If a medication is not safe to be given to your pet or is toxic, I Love Your Pet, LLC, will notify you immediately. 
  • I Love Your Pet, LLC reserves the right to utilize qualified backup sitters when needed and in the event of an emergency. Your pets are the highest priority and will always be cared for.
  • Phone calls are rarely accepted. All changes to your scheduling, routine, or pets needs, is required to be in writing. Please do not call multiple times and leave multiple messages.
  • Controlled Access for apartment homes in controlled access buildings, or condos/townhomes/apartments in gated communities, I Love Your Pet, LLC requires a clicker, gate card, or access code to enter the building/gate. I Love Your Pet, LLC will not service apartments/condos/townhomes where the client must be called from the gate/box each time to enter the premises.