An Open Confession

Veterinary technicians are highly trained and dedicated members of the veterinary team. Veterinary technicians are the backbone of a practice. They are a huge part of providing the best care possible to pets. They are responsible for the care and nursing of sick or injured patients, performing laboratory testing, taking radiographs (X-rays), assisting with anesthesia, administering medications and therapies to patients, and performing dental cleanings. They are also hugely involved in the education of pet owners on various topics, Veterinary technicians play a tremendous role in the day-to-day functioning of a veterinary practice. They are an essential part of keeping the hospital running smoothly and are very important in caring for the pets that come into the doors of the hospital.

This is an open confession to every veterinary technician I have ever worked with or work with. We are not perfect, but we sure do strive to do our best. We all have our weak moments, bad days, but must remember that we are the unsung heroes, the client counselors, veterinary emotional support offerers, and in general people without whom these clinics would fall to pieces.

  • I ate the last brownie. I’m sorry. I know now you probably hadn’t eaten in 10 hours and really needed it to keep going. I also know you figured it out and let it slide.
  • I actually wasn’t being helpful when I said I would clean that kennel and got side tracked. Thank you for being gracious. I saw you go back in later and do it correctly.
  • When you couldn’t hit a vein and asked me to and I said “Try again! Practice makes perfect!” that was only because I knew if you couldn’t hit it, there was no way I could.
  • I now know that your gentle suggestions are not really suggestions. I should have listened the first 10 times you were right.
  • If it were not for you I would have walked into 100 exam rooms with my poop on my shoes that I didn't even see.
  • When I left the room after that really hard euthanasia to see the next appointment, I went into the bathroom to cry and left you alone with the single mom and young child to console because you were better at that stuff than me.
  • For all the times you took care of me and looked out for my well-being, I rarely did the same for you. If I did, it wasn’t enough.

As I look in horror at a vein that will not cooperate while flying solo on a weekend, I need you.

When I see a little kid going straight for the syringes and I only have two hands when I need four, I need you.

When there is an eighty pound dog that won't walk on a leash and I can't pick up by myself, I need you.

When a scared cat will not cooperate for a blood draw, I need you.

When it’s been a rough day and I could use a friend to talk to, I need you.

Being a vet tech means embracing a lot of challenges – but reaping major rewards. Thank you for all that you do. You make a difference, not only in the lives of animals, but for other techs, doctors, and clients.


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Posted on February 12, 2016 .