Honduras Mission Trip with Christian Veterinary Mission!

Dear friends, clients, and family,

I want to share with you a challenging ministry opportunity that God has presented to me. From March 12-19, 2016, I will be traveling and living in Honduras with a team organized by Christian Veterinary Mission. Through our short-term mission trip, veterinarians, vet students, and vet technicians will make a positive impact in the lives of animals and people in the community.

I would love for you to be a part of my support team! First, you can help support our team in prayer as we prepare for our trip, our travel, safety in our work, and that our ministry will be productive. Another way you can be involved is to help provide financial support. We need to raise $3,000 each for the cost of the trip, which will include housing, airfare, food and water, immunizations and special medications we need for our protection.

You can send a check to this ministry on my behalf by simply making a check out to Christian Veterinary Mission and on the memo line write my account number (UCVSTM1858). You will receive a letter for a tax-deductible donation for this year. Their address is:

You can also donate on my behalf by going online to www.cvmusa.org and then to Support > Short Term Missions. Click on the “Individual” button. Fill in the Designation box with a drop-down menu to "other” (at the bottom of the list). A white box will appear, and please enter in my account number (UCVSTM1858) and write in my name, Hannah Haley - ST Missions in that box. CVM will make sure it gets designated to my trip. Please let me know if you have questions.

Please pray for us as we seek God’s will. We intend to be carriers of His Word and bearers of your love. As we partner together, He will bless you. Thank you for your support and prayers!

In Christ,

Hannah Haley

Note: Should a cancellation or special circumstances impact this trip, all donations will still be used for the purpose of supporting the ministries of Christian Veterinary Mission. 

For more information visit the Christian Veterinary Mission website!

Posted on December 13, 2015 .