Meet My New Foster Reese

Meet my new foster, Reese, isn't he beautiful? Reese is a 7 month old purebred sable colored cocker spaniel who was surrendered by his owner who could no longer care for him. He is the total package-house & crate trained, sweet & loving, smart & easy to train! Unfortunately, Reese has a rare problem with both of his knees called laterally luxating patellas. The patella, or kneecap, is part of the stifle joint (knee). In patellar luxation, the kneecap luxates, or pops out of place, either in a medial or lateral position. Medial luxations are more commonly seen, but lateral luxations only occur in about 5% of dogs. 

Early detection and correction is the best way to prevent severe lameness, arthritis, and dysfunction. If not surgically corrected now, Reese will most likely become lame and arthritic by the young age of 2. Treatment involves surgically replacing the kneecap into the groove, and preventing it from popping in and out.

The orthopedic surgeon has recommended Reese have both knees surgically repaired at separate times. His first knee surgery and neuter is scheduled this week. He will be on crate rest for 4-6wks and then undergo his second surgery.

Reese will be available for adoption after both surgeries and crate rest are complete. If you can donate towards his veterinary care, click here! 


Posted on November 6, 2015 .