Why You Should Hire A Veterinary Technician As Your Pet Sitter

Niko, a beautiful Russian Blue, requires subcutaneous fluids every other day for health reasons as well as oral medication.

Niko, a beautiful Russian Blue, requires subcutaneous fluids every other day for health reasons as well as oral medication.

Why would you choose a trained electrician over Uncle Joe to fix your electrical panel? Why prefer a licensed contractor over cousin Eugene to remodel your bathroom? The same reason you should choose a veterinary technician as a pet sitter: they’re professionally trained. Hiring a trained professional is always preferable to someone you know or someone you “think” can do a good job. Many people choose friends or family to look after their pets when they are away because of trust issues. It is always smart to have someone looking after your pets who cares. If you happen to have pets that require special care, such as needing medication or following a specific diet, it is wise to hire a professional who knows how to handle and care for animals properly.

As a veterinary technician, I am trained in a wide variety of topics that give me special skills for caring for and handling animals. It is these skills that differentiate me from a regular pet sitter. I am trained to handle all different kinds of animals, including dogs, cats, reptiles, equines, livestock and other exotics. Here are a few points as to why you should hire a veterinary technician as your pet sitter:

  • Veterinary technicians have been professionally trained.
  • A veterinary technician is capable of providing direct nursing care and medical attention to injured or ill animals. We are trained to recognize when an animal is in immediate distress, monitor vital signs, perform CPR, and treat minor wounds or injuries until your pet is able to be brought to your veterinarian. 
  • Empathy and understanding are our greatest qualities.
  • Veterinary Technicians are trained to administer all types of medications even subcutaneous fluids.
  • Vet techs can care for and handle all different kinds of animals (farm animals, small pets, and even exotics).

Many people are very uncomfortable leaving their pets with strangers when they are away on business or vacation for extended periods of time. Knowing that a trained professional is looking after their pet(s) gives peace of mind. Veterinary technicians are prepared to care and handle any type of animal with any type of health condition.

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Posted on May 2, 2014 .