Can I Get My Horse A Pet Sitter?

 Hannah bringing in all 4 horses from the pasture to their stalls.

 Hannah bringing in all 4 horses from the pasture to their stalls.

Humans have always been drawn to horses and few can deny their beauty. That’s why so many of us (myself included) have joined the wonderful world of horse ownership!

However, having a horse takes a lot of responsibility and time when they live on your property, rather than at a boarding facility, and even some boarding facilities only provide partial board which leaves you to do most of the work.

Have you found yourself wondering how you will ever be able to take a vacation without someone coming over to take care of your horse for you? Who do you call to take care of a horse anyways?

Well I’ve got great news for you!

A pet sitter isn’t just for dogs and cats, a pet sitter can take care of your horse for you too!

What Does a Pet Sitter Provide for My Horse?

Whether your horse stays in a stall or spends most of their time in pasture all day, your pet sitter can be there to perform all of the basic duties that you would do yourself if you were home, including the following:

  • Filling up water troughs or buckets
  • Providing hay and grain as instructed
  • Muck stalls
  • Pasture turn out
  • Rinsing off horses after turn out
  • Picking/cleaning out hooves

No more trying to get neighbors or friends to come over while you’re traveling to take care of your horse. With a professional pet sitter, you now have a reliable, experienced sitter to come and take care of your precious (and very large) baby! 

Contact for more information as well as rates and booking!

Posted on April 5, 2014 .