7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

The night for ghouls and goblins gracing your streets is just around the corner, knocking at your door and ringing your bell.  The children all look forward to getting dressed up in their costume-best, going door-to-door with their large pillowcases, boasting the phrase “trick or treat” while scoping each sweet entering the bag.  If you have a dog or two or even cats, continually opening the door can be an invitation to escape and danger for your pet. You will need to put into practice some Halloween safety tips for your dog.

Reflect on some protective measures for your pet's safety prior to the kids coming up your walkway.  You can consider placing a safety-gate in front of the doorway if it will fit so you can open the door without fear your pet will get out.  Otherwise it may be best to confine the pets to another room during the busy trick-or-treat hours.  Check out these 7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips!

1. Keep Your Pets Inside

Halloween is known for tricksters and pranksters that may harm, abuse or even steal your pet. Even if you normally keep your pet in the backyard, it’s still a good idea to place them inside your house to prevent theft or worse.

2. Nervous Or Territorial Pets

If your pet is protective, nervous in the presence of strangers or is territorial, putting him/her in another room away from the noise of the front door will prevent any hiccups you may have. Provide a safe place for your pet to sleep and feel comfortable. The constant ringing of the doorbell may be too much for your pet to handle.

3. Get Tagged

Make sure your pet is properly identified in case your pet makes a run for it or gets lost. You may be distracted by trick-or-treaters while your door is open and your pet may escape unknowingly to you. I Love Your Pet suggests not only having tags on your pet's collar, but having them microchipped as well (permanent identification). As the holidays approach, this is also a great time to make sure your microchip information is registered and up to date.

4. Watch The Props

If you plan to decorate your house with spooky things for a Halloween party or just to get into the mood, you’ll need to watch what you put up and where. Pets are curious and if they have access to your fake spider web prop, they could easily ingest it and suffer dangerous life-threatening results. Place your scary props in places your pets can’t reach and secure them properly to prevent them from being knocked down accidentally.

5. Watch The Lights

Keep lit candles and jack-o-lanterns away from pets. A poorly placed candle can be knocked down and cause a fire hazard as well as a trail of hot wax. Place candles and jack-o-lanterns in places where your pets will not have access to them.

6. Hide The Sweets

That bowl of candy sitting near your door can be a bowl of life-threatening dangers for your pets. Candies may contain xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum that is harmful to pets) or even chocolate which can be fatal.

7. Comfortable Costumes

If your pet is wearing a costume this Halloween, make sure it fits properly and is comfortable. Parts of the pet costume shouldn’t have any dangling pieces that can be chewed off or get in the way of your pet’s sight, breathing or movement. It’s best to let your pet get accustomed to the costume before taking him/her out for the night.


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Posted on October 23, 2014 .